Here are testimonials about THIS teleclass:

"I would highly recommend anyone to take this teleclass because I think it would be helpful whether or not you are lucky enough to have had Nancy for any coaching. What was most valuable to me was to learn that one currency is not necessarily more valuable than another. Something I always felt, but could not articulate because my 'old' way of thinking prevented it. Now I know that the currencies I do have an abundance of are just as valuable as the ones that I could use more of. I think people could really benefit from one on one coaching with you after this class because you can help them to find out or figure out what the currencies they possess are and ways to use them. Especially if they have never 'spent' any of their currency before or have not received full value in return. I rate this teleclass a 10!!!!"

-- Cathy Santarsiero, Artist

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"I would recommend this class to others, for all the reasons you give in the promotional material. What you share in the class goes a long way to addressing the invisible aspects of economic inequality in a way that empowers listeners to assess the wealth we all have outside the "money" box."

-- Deki Fox, Co-Host, CoachU Cultural Creatives Special Interest Group

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Here are testimonials about my previous teleclasses:

"I had to write a quick note and say that was possibly the BEST teleclass I have ever taken. I just wanted to stay on and talk for another hour!"
-- Jen Pearson
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"Kudos on a great job! It was very valuable. This is a great space to explore and expand your universe of what's possible."
-- Lin Schreiber, www.thewowzone.com
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"Your class definitely made me look at the concept of 'reality' and how it is created. This class has been extremely valuable in expanding my thinking to the field of possibilities that await me! I am very interested in taking more of your classes."
-- Terry Rouprich
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"It was inspiring and provided a window through which I might broaden my support. I would recommend it to anyone."
-- Mary Anne Davis
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"If you are at a place in your life where you are beginning to question your purpose, the way you live your daily life and looking to change and create more positivity in your life, this would be the first step, because the class is thought-provoking yet helpful and supportive."
 -- Anjali Nankani
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"Excellent intro to understanding life and all that is possible."
-- Dawn M. Holman
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Here are testimonials from clients about my coaching work:

"Dear Nancy,

Thank you so much for the information in our coaching session this morning.  What amazing things I learn from you!

Nancy, something really deep has shifted inside me since we talked . I know lots of changes have been coming through this year on a regular basis-- but this was a BIG ONE.  In addition to seeing you in that splendid white light and centered in your Spirit, something else came Very Clear.  It was the part when we talked about remembering how things really ought to be (or how they once were) and a strong deep memory (a deep body, cellular-level recollection) came to me in a flash (you know how I get those snapshots.)
 I saw the world in the most BEAUTIFUL Light, this very same world but with the Light of Perfection or Spirit and it wasn't a past memory it was a Future vision.  To think (as many people do-but not me, not really) that this world can be shifted toward more Peace, Light and Love was something I had just about given up on.
But since that day, that moment, something in me came awake and said "This is the Vision." It seems like the Indigo part of me got activated or turned on.  I am writing you this because I know you will understand.
Before I could not pay attention to this part of me-- at any time I could just turn my back on it, ignore stuff -- but this is like a light bulb went off inside me and now I am more sensitive TO EVERYTHING...
I know you understand this but YOU ARE USED TO THIS.   It's not too much-- but it's everyday (EVERYDAY!) And I cannot turn back. Thanks so much for listening and as always for your amazing support."

--Vallerie Huyghue, Writer and Adult Indigo
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"My work with Nancy helps get me not only clear about what I'm doing in my lif eand why, but also opens me to entirely new aspects of understanding myself. My sessions with her are almost always profoundly deep and moving experiences of self-exploration. What is really special about working with Nancy is how we connect with each other every moment of our sessions and how incredibly insightful her guidance is. She creates a completely safe space for me to access my true self and bring to the surface my most important personal revelations about my life's work and core beliefs. She has greatly helped me to embrace my uniqueness and manifest confidence and success in all I do. Nancy is a remarkably dedicated, honest, gifted, sensitive and caring coach and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a true partner in understanding their own greatness."
-- Steve Gottlieb, Intuitive Healer, White Plains, NY
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"Nancy's coaching has created an atmosphere that has allowed me to take a very deep look at what is really going on within me. Through her coaching I've come to incredible realizations about behaviors and attitudes that I have had that I have tried for years to uncover and hadn't before coaching with Nancy. She has also provided me with guidance in developing very specific steps to bring my realizations into action. These actions made sense and have worked to improve my situation. Nancy is one of the best."
-- Chris Lekander, Phoenix, AZ
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"Nancy's coaching has allowed me to question, to discover, to re-create and make choices that will allow me to lead the life I want to live. I have made life-changing decisions with Nancy that I never thought were possible. Nancy patiently waits and works with my nature; her intuition is impeccable. That intuition and respect for who I am in the present is priceless to me. She provides a safe place to grow and discover. One of Nancy's many strengths is that she is client-specific. She has been able to work with my entire family independently, honoring each one of us and has had the ability to create with each of us the solutions we needed individually. This was a catalyst and a pivotal change for the entire family. Nancy is a hidden gem. She has earned my deepest and most sincere personal and professional trust. If you are looking for an extraordinary coach, you can do no better than to hire Nancy Boyd."
 -- Jackie Diaz-Sampol, Miami FL
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