Get something for nothing? Nah.
But you can get what you want
by using what you already have!

ďSomething you already have
(-- and itís NOT what you think it is)
is worth more than you know!Ē

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Dear Friend,

Do you struggle with any of these common dilemmas?

Ľ Walking away from good opportunities because you think you lack something (money, education, skills, etc.)?

Ľ Keeping a really important dream tucked away deep inside your closet where no one can see it, because it feels impossible to reach anyway?

Ľ Never starting projects because you think you will run out of steam before you reach completion?

Hi. Iím Nancy Boyd, and Iíve been there/done that/bought the T-shirt and video too!

Iím going to tell you my story, in just a moment, so that you will know who I am and why I am offering you this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity -- for just a teeny, tiny fraction of what itís worth -- and for what it WILL be worth to you, when you learn these secrets and apply them.

You see, most people I know fall into one of three categories:

you are so focused on what you want that you miss great opportunities coming at you constantly; you simply donít notice them.

you are so busy doing what youíre doing that you feel you ďcanít affordĒ to stop and take advantage of the perfectly good opportunities you DO see.

you see the opportunities but donít know what to do to take advantage of them.

Any of those sound familiar?

Well, there are a select few people in the world who already know the secret I am going to reveal to you, people who are able to take advantage of all the opportunities they please, any time they want. . .

because they know how!

Some of these elite people are millionaires and billionaires. Others live quiet, happy, fulfilled lives -- of their own choosing.

How? How is that possible, in a world full of challenges, pitfalls, distractions, and unexpected obstacles?

Well, there is a secret that people who live this way know, that YOU donít!

Itís called the 4 Currencies of Life! And now, for the first time, I am revealing it to anyone who wants to learn.
It doesnít matter which category you find yourself in; what your current circumstances are; or what you dream for tomorrow.
When you sign up for The 4 Currencies of Life Teleclass, you will learn exactly what to do, when to do it, and why!
When you learn just one of the techniques I will show you, step by step, in this breakthrough new course, you will confidently navigate and negotiate even the trickiest paths to your own ultimate success -- beyond your wildest dreams.
Would you like to receive 7 hard-hitting, no-nonsense Empowerment Reports that show you how to:
  • overcome procrastination?
  • set and reach better goals?
  • eliminate bad habits?
  • stay focused? And more?
  • This series is brand-new, never-before released. When we complete this teleclass series, it will be offered for sale at $49.

    You can get it here first at NO COST!

    Get your FREE $49 7-part Empowerment Series NOW!

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    Because you will approach everything you do with a new mindset, a different way to think about everything you do and see.

    After you take The 4 Currencies of Life Teleclass, you will know a new way to think about:

    your resources
    what you really CAN do, instead of always thinking about what you CANíT do
    what is really possible in this world, for YOU -- that you never understood before

    You will know exactly what to do to get what you want in life and business -- without struggle -- without fear or apprehension -- because you will confidently KNOW what to do, how and when to do it, and when NOT to do it.


    Selling your junk on eBay (although that would be a perfect demonstration of the secret principles I will teach you in this teleclass)

    A barter scheme (although that, too, would be a perfect demonstration of the secrets you will learn when you sign up for and listen to The 4 Currencies of Life.

    A get-rich-quick scheme (sorry, there really IS no such thing, and if youíre looking for that, you will be wasting the resources you COULD be using to get down to business and really know success at last.)

    Look. Many people give up 5 minutes before the miracle.

    Donít join them. Join us instead!
    Learn what to do to salvage almost any situation you can name.

    The bridge lines will only hold a limited number of participants (I think itís 100, last time I checked.) What this means is that if you are one of the first 100 to register, we can guarantee your reservation -- and you will get to hear this LIVE information, being revealed for the first time ever. Donít wait -- or it will be too late!

    Click here to reserve your spot NOW, before they are all gone!

    After you learn the profound -- but simple -- secrets in The 4 Currencies of Life -- never again will you:

    be forced to walk away from something you really want, shaking your head sadly because you were sure there was ďno way.Ē

    Using the 4 Currencies Principles,
    you can always find a way!

    delay starting a plan for what you REALLY want, because youíre sure you will only be disappointed.

    Use the 4 Currencies Principles
    and face down your fears for once and for all.

    PROVE them wrong forever!

    I was just like you, once. I didnít have a clue about how things work, or where to start, to grab so many wonderful opportunities I saw drifting by.

    I was just standing there, helplessly wondering how in the world other people are able to just get a grip and move forward easily on THEIR opportunities, with comfort and confidence.

    Man, I WANTED some of that. (Hey, Iíll be real honest here. I wanted a LOT of that!!!)
    After many years of stumbling around in the dark, trying things that didnít work -- and wasting a TON of money and time doing it -- I put a stop to all the nonsense.

    I decided, for once and for all, that I was going to learn the principles that make things work, no matter where I had to look to find it, or who was hiding it.

    It was a tough journey, and it took way longer than I wanted it to.

    No stone was left unturned, in my methodical and systematic search for the Truth -- and for what really works.  I read everything I could get my hands on, looking for answers.

    I studied with Tibetan and Native American Masters. I read widely, from the classics, to all the self-help books on manifesting and prosperity (you name it, I can pull the dog-eared book off my shelf and turn to the exact pages for anything you want to know).

    I studied the major religions and philosophies of the world. I studied about things I had no idea even existed, before my tireless quest led me to old books buried in dusty aisles of hidden bookstores and libraries.

    I read and listened to hours upon hours of tapes, CDís, audio-files, and ebooks. It took more than 30 years.

    But finally, slowly, a pattern began to emerge. The pieces of the puzzle shifted, turned every which way in front of me, until suddenly. . . they clicked into place -- almost by accident!
    What I saw then was nothing short of astonishing. It was so simple. . . and was right there in plain sight all along, if only I had had the ďeyesĒ to see it.
    The problem is, itís NOT that easy to see -- because you arenít looking for it. And even if you see it, it may not mean anything much to you, because you donít know what to do with it.

    Well, Iím here to change that picture FOR you!

    The underlying truths about how the Universe really works, revealed themselves to me, piece by painstaking piece.

    Those are the pieces of the puzzle that I have put together in ONE simple teleclass, that will change your life forever.

    Itís an astonishing, powerful picture. And it will change your life forever, once you see for yourself, and understand what it means.

    You do not have to spend the thousands of dollars -- and hours -- the way I did. I will hand all the information over to you, in plain language, in The 4 Currencies of Life Teleclass.

    All you need to do is show up for ONE HOUR, by telephone, to hear the secrets of the ages -- told simply, powerfully, unforgettably, so that anyone can understand.  There is also an additional 30 minutes available to participants at the end of the call for any questions!


    If you register before the deadline, you will receive a set of secret bonuses worth hundreds of dollars! Click here to view a complete list of the bonuses that we're offering.

    Meanwhile, lock in your right to collect the bonuses before we change our minds, or they are all gone -- whichever comes first.

    Lock in my BONUSES NOW!

    When you sign up today, with The 4 Currencies of Life Teleclass, you will also receive -- at no additional cost -- the transcript of the call in PDF format that you can download right to your computer (a few days after the class, to give us time to have it written up.)

    If you have EVER struggled with how to make more -- and GET more -- from what you already have, then you NEED to be here. No two ways around it.

    This material has never before been presented in this form, and may NEVER be offered again.

    This is your ONE chance to learn a secret that will change your life forever.
    OK. I know youíre asking this question right now:

    ďSo what is this going to cost me?Ē

    (Am I right?) Hereís the deal. If you were to go out and find this information yourself, MAYBE you could do it in less time than I did -- because now we have fast computers.

    The experts say that we are adding around a million bits of new information to the worldís knowledge base every second. (Get that? Every second!!)

    So yeah, maybe you could.

    Or not.

    Remember, it took me more than 30 years, searching diligently -- and remember, I knew what I was looking for. I was pretty sure where I needed to look for it, too.

    And I was, in large part wrong!

    The information I was looking for was not visible to me the way I thought it would be, because it was cut up into little pieces and scattered across the world like seeds in the wind, blown about through different cultures and times, and often hidden or discarded because someone who had it did not realize what it was worth!

    Now, I want you to know that it has been a lifelong habit of mine to invest in learning. I read constantly, and on average spend AT LEAST $2-5,000 a year on information and learning.

    So multiply that by 30, and youíre talking easily in the range of $60-150,000. Thatís what Iíve spent, gathering the information Iím going to share with you in The 4 Currencies of Life Teleclass.

    What is this information worth to you?

    Well, you can use it to get just about anything you want. What is THAT worth???

    I donít think you can even put a price on it.

    But I have to charge SOMETHING, because this information is the product of a lifetime of learning and searching -- and I know how valuable it is.  And you will, too, when you hear it and start using it in your own life, to get what you want -- finally.

    If you want a change in perspective about how things work, and how you can make them work FOR you, then this investment is going to cost you mere pennies by comparison.

    I could easily charge $5000 for this information.

    Maybe I should. $5000 is only a fraction of what I spent in dollars -- not including my time -- to obtain it.

    But hereís the thing. I know that most people are not going to invest that much time or money even when they KNOW itís going to make a difference in what they can have, do or be in life.

    Human nature dictates -- rightly or wrongly -- that people will take the path of least resistance. They want the easy way, the fast track, and they want it ALL, preferably done FOR them!

    So, let me make that easy for you. Originally, I had planned to offer this teleclass for a $500 flat fee.
    Thatís less than 10% of what I could (and probably SHOULD) charge for this teleclass.

    (My clients pay me that much PER MONTH for information like this, so thatís a slam-dunk.)

    But not everyone is going to take the time or invest even that much cash, despite knowing what they will get in return.

    So, I decided to make this one ďbrain-dead easyĒ for you. 

    Youíre going to pay MUCH less than the $500 I could easily charge for this teleclass. Youíre going to pay even less than HALF that much!

    You will pay
    only $249
    for the entire package
    -- including bonuses!

    Thatís just a fraction of what this information is worth: thousands of dollars and hundreds upon hundreds of hours, YEARS really -- and a VERY wise investment on your part.

    What will YOU do with this information?
    How will YOU use it?

    To make money?

    To realize a cherished goal or plan?

    To do what you love to do, in the time and place of your choosing?

    To find and marry the partner of your dreams?

    A secret wish you never thought could come true?

    All of this and more is yours to create -- when you know the secrets this teleclass will reveal.

    And, if you order before the deadline, you will also get my NEW FREE report, never before revealed anywhere, on How To Create An Action Plan --
    at no additional cost.

    This is new, original material, folks. Youíre seeing it here first.

    Itís not some re-hashed formula I borrowed elsewhere; itís what I have learned over 30-some years in business, often the hard way -- and in my coach training at Coach U and the School of Coaching.

    "Your class definitely made me look at the concept of 'reality' and how it is created. This class has been extremely valuable in expanding my thinking to the field of possibilities that await me! I am very interested in taking more of your classes."
    -- Terry Rouprich

    Read more testimonials

    Go now. Donít wait another minute. Sign up for The 4 Currencies of Life Teleclass today, and get your FREE bonuses that you can download anytime you like and enjoy forever.

    Give me the FREE REPORT, register me for the teleclass, and lock in my bonuses NOW!

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    Exciting bonuses
    for early-bird registration!

    Bookmark this page and come back here, because we will be adding new bonuses until you just are not going to be able to resist signing up.

    You get the teleclass for a fee -- but the bonuses for FREE!

    This is where you need to visit, to learn what they are and what weíve added since the last time you looked.

    For some of you, the bonuses may be worth more than the teleclass :-) (Stay tuned while we gather and list them all here for you. When you register before April 1, 2006, you can lock in the bonuses NOW!)


    If you do not receive at least ONE idea that will change how you think about your resources and what is possible for you as a result of taking The 4 Currencies Teleclass, we will refund your money in full.

    Youíve got nothing to lose! Either the teleclass delivers what we say it will, or you get your money back. What can be better than that?

    Thank you for joining us on this fabulous adventure we call Life -- and for showing up to make your world a better place, day by day!

    Warmly yours,

    Nancy Boyd
    President and CEO
    Bright Wings, Inc.
    An Empowerment Company

    P.S. Remember, you will be learning secrets you canít find ANYWHERE else -- unless you spend thousands of hours, days and years, and hundreds of dollars, learning from the Masters. From Info-gurus. From the ones who know.

    Sure, you MAY already know what these 4 currencies are -- they are ďhiding in plain sightĒ after all -- but do you understand what to DO with them, the way the super-wealthy do? If not, you better be here to learn the secrets -- and put it to good use in YOUR life.

    Make it easy on yourself. Iíve put it all together for you, in the space of just ONE hour -- at a price almost anyone can afford.

    Just sign up for the teleclass, and get everything in one place. Make it a ďdone dealĒ -- and get on with your life on YOUR terms, at last! Register me NOW!

    P.P.S How many of these techniques could YOU use, to cut through obstacles like they were butter?

    get more options
    get better/faster results
    freedom from wondering ďhowĒ
    -- because you will KNOW
    certainty about what you have, and how to use it

    So go sign up already! What you already have is more valuable than you think it is! Go find out why! (And get your free bonuses as soon as they are uploaded!)

    Oh. And by the way? NOT all super-wealthy people use all of these strategies all the time; most of the people who know about them, only use a FEW.

    Imagine what YOU could do, if you knew them ALL. . .

    Join now!

    P.P.P.S. Want to see what bonuses we are offering?

    Click here to view a peak at the bonuses valued at over $5000!!

    It's a good idea to register early and lock in your space (AND all your bonuses) to reserve a spot -- available space will go quickly!

    OK, Reserve my spot and sign me up NOW!

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